DO you know the Amount of nicotine in one Cigarette?

Nicotine is a dangerous element for our health no matter wherever it is present, it damages our heart by tightening it arteries and reducing the flow of blood in them, it damages our lungs by increasing the amount of carbon mono oxide in them and making the absorption of oxygen impossible in them and squeezes at the end causing lungs cancer and making it difficult for a person to breathe. The third most dangerous effect of nicotine is mouth cancer, which is very painful disease and at the end leads to the death of the patient.

Some people think that a single cigarette a day will not cause them much damage as it will have less amount of nicotine in it which is generally considered as the health destroyer, but this assumption of theirs is totally wrong the amount of nicotine in one cigarette is as much dangerous and harmful for health as in 10 Cigarettes a day. Some companies now a days are also adding tobacco in addition with the nicotine with the cigarettes which makes them more addictive, intoxicating and more dangerous for health. The amount of tobacco in each cigarette also varies in the different brands.


What amount of nicotine is present in one cigarette?

Many different calculations have been made on how much nicotine in one cigarette is present on average. As there are different brands of cigarette present in the market with different types so the actual amount of nicotine is different in every brand and every type. An average calculation about the amount of nicotine in one cigarette is around 12 mg per cigarette which is quite dangerous and alarming because this much quantity of nicotine gets dissolved in blood quite quickly and can get your brain cells numb and your blood pressure quite low.

On the calculation of quantity of nicotine being present in a single cigarette of different brands it has been found that this amount ranges in between 8mg to 20 mg which is again quite an alarming amount for a human body.

Amount of inhaled nicotine from one cigarette:

When you smoke a cigarette, it’s not all the amount of nicotine that you absorb in your body, most of the amount is exhaled from the body and almost 1 mg to 2 mg stays inside your body but again having one cigarette a day leaving 1 mg to 2 mg of nicotine inside your body can yield dangerous effects. This absorption calculation is not exact as the amount of absorption greatly varies from person to person. Some people have more capacity for the absorption of nicotine which damages their health earlier and some have less capacity which leads them to their death in a slow way. The rest of the nicotine that you exhale outside also effects the environment. Therefore smoking not only damages your health but it also damages all the people around you as they are inhaling your left over nicotine too. 


Fencing Contractors Gloucestershire Providing High-Quality Services

It is the desire of everyone to have a beautiful house that not only adds value but is also safe. Many fences are used to give a physical boundary to the lawn. These fences look beautiful and give privacy to the owner. Fences are available in different designs and colors. Choose the best one that fits your budget and need.

Purpose of Installing Fence:

The decision to choose a fence depends on the need and purpose for which you are installing a fence. Different fences are installed for different purposes. One may install a fence just to give a boundary to his property. Other may fix the fence to keep the privacy of his house. The main purpose of installing a fence is to secure the property whether it is a house or a commercial area. Different beautiful designs and colors are available to fill the need o security and dressing of house.

The need of installing a fence may be different at different locations. For example, the white picket fence is used to add beauty to the lush green lawn and the metal fence is used to make secure a site for a long time. There is Fencing Contractors Gloucestershire that is providing the high-quality fences along with installation and repair services.

Fencing Contractors Gloucestershire:

Following are some of the Fencing Contractors Gloucestershire:


  • PPM General Building & Property Maintenance:

This company is working since past 25 years in the field of landscaping and fencing etc. they also provide the services of kitchen and bathroom fittings.

Address: Nails worth Stroud Gloucestershire GL6 0HY

Phone: 01453 835346

  • UK:

Brab.UK believes in the words of mouth and provides high-quality services to customers. They provide the fences including feather edge, close board, fence panel and the repair services.

Provides Services in: Bristol, Gloucester, Oxfordshire, Swindon, Thatcham, Wiltshire

Phone: 07808 523075

  • Mike Malin:

Mr. Mike provides a high quality fence and installation services in the Gloucester. Their specialty is in wooden fences. They provide the services of Garden work, Walling, shed erecting, driveways and decking, etc.

Address: Kings Stanley Gloucestershire GL10 3JH

Phone: 07775 756399

  • Phoenix Gardeners:

The Phoenix gardeners are providing good quality fence services.

Works In: Longlevens, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL2 0EY

Phone: 01452 549286

  • LA Landscapes:

Friendly staff of LA Landscapes provides professional advice and best services in:

  • Block paving
  • Driveways
  • Fencing
  • Brickwork
  • Hard & soft landscaping
  • Decking
  • Garden design

Address: Churchdown Gloucester Gloucestershire GL3 1JN

Phone: 0145 271 2368

Whatever the contractor or supplier you choose first do your homework before making a deal as it is the matter of security and elegance of your property. Make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements of getting permission to build a fence. Discuss your decision of installing a fence with your neighbor to avoid any confusion about the boundary. Select the material that is best for the environment you live in. We recommend you to choose a fence with low maintenance requirement.


Play Unblocked Games As A Source Of Learning

Education institutes are the places where students spend their most f time in learning and seeking education. But only books are not the source to educate the students. There are some other ways to educate the students, so the will not get bored. And all the time study makes the students bore and they do not take an interest in their studies. So for making students happy, entertain and relax; many schools involve their students to unblock online games.

Preference For Play Unblocked Games:

No doubt Play unblocked games are the source of entertainment as well as the education. But unblock games have many types like situational games, mathematics, puzzles, fighting and much others. Because children are innocents and they are not aware of the fact that such types of games have an impact on their life. If a student, choose a game that is related to fighting or quarreling etc. then such type of games increase the negative emotions like aggregation , anger, stress, Sadness, loneliness, envy, frustration, hate, pride, doubt and jealousy etc. So it’s better to guide the students about what type games are better for them.


Unblock Games make either part of curriculum or not

Discussions on the topic either allow Play unblocked games or not, is very famous in different schools who do not want their students to be involved in illegal and unethical games because such types of games spoil their personality. Some institutions allow the positive game to their students but other total banned such type of games by applying policy wall/firewalls.

Benefits of Unblock games

  • Online unblock games make the students energetics, so when students will relax then they take interest in their lectures
  • Situational unblock games have real characters and students have to resolve the problem and reach the final destination. During the journey of characters, students have to face many hurdles
  • Such games increase the confidences among students because if they compete in the games then they will be able to face the real life situations.
  • Puzzle games make students think out of the box and sharp their mind.
  • Mathematical games, not doubt are the difficult games but such games increase the IQ level of students.

Harmful effects of unblock games

Unblocks games also have negative impact on the life of youth like;

  • Playing all the time online unblock games spoil the life of everyone who addicted to it and affects the eyes, mind, and effect physically.
  • Too much playing games waste the time and make the children stubborn, dull etc.
  • Games related to the fighting increase the negative emotions like anger, stress,   frustration, hate and pride etc.
  • It has a harmful on brain growth because when children will be stuck at one level then they will not take an interest in their studies.

Well, an excess of everything is bad. It’s a responsibility of teachers to guide the students regarding unblock games. At home, parents have a look on their children that what type of games students is playing.

Guidelines to Have A Very Enjoyable Desert Safari Trip

One of the most popular tourist activities in the entire world is the Dubai desert safari experience. The Dubai desert is known for its fine and soft sand dunes, stunning setting, and an otherworldly wildlife. For these reasons, a lot of people from all over the world go to this extreme environment to experience the various activities offered in the desert safari tour. If you want to experience this once in a lifetime kind of journey, then you should first keep in mind several guidelines to have a very enjoyable desert safari trip.

A desert safari tour has a duration that is very flexible and varying. For instance, a overnight desert safari can last from 2 to six hours depending on which activities were chosen for the tour. An evening safari tour may last from 5 to 8 hours which also depends on the activities chosen for the trip. An overnight safari may last from 8 to 16 hours depending on whether it was an original overnight safari or an extension of the evening tour.

overnight desert safari

Desert safari trips are also conducted almost always with camps. For the morning, you will be staying at a camp for relaxation and breakfast after some dune bashing and other desert safari thrilling activities. For the evening trip, the camp serves as the place to have the fancy dinner and some entertainment shows like belly dance show, tanoura dance show, and a magic show. This is also the case for the overnight desert safari.

Different kinds of activities are conducted in a desert safari trip. Some activities are uniform all throughout the three kinds of desert safari. Some activities may be available only in the morning or in the evening. So make sure to choose the safari tour that satisfies the activities you want to experience.

People who will have the tour should wear appropriate clothing. By appropriate means, you should wear clothes that will make you comfortable throughout the trip. Of course, you know that the desert is very hot during the day and cold at night. So make sure to wear some loose clothing on the day and sandals or open shoes so that sand will not get stuck inside your feet. On the other hand, bring some jacket for the night tour to protect yourself from the very cold environment.

Now that you are equipped with a lot of information about the desert safari experience in Dubai, make sure to keep these things in mind to have the best desert safari Dubai experience.


Aprender español gratis (Learning Spanish Free) Through Free Courses

Aprender español gratis (Learning Spanish through free courses will not make you an expert in speaking, listening, writing and reading the language but it will definitely help you to get started.

In today’s world, where money does not come easy for everyone and so many people are striving to earn money only to fulfill their basic needs in life, spending money on learning a new language is not something that a lot of people will consider to do. Thanks to the numerous online free courses that are providing knowledge seekers with a detailed account of information about whatever field that they are interested in.

Learning Spanish Free is a very popular term on Google since Spanish culture is becoming more and more popular every day. Millions of people speak Spanish and learning this language opens up a whole new world of opportunities for the ones who are searching for jobs or the ones who like to travel or even the ones who simply want to learn about other cultures and develop cross-cultural relationships.

How to Choose the Best Course?

There are literally thousands of courses for Learning Spanish Free that it becomes kind of hectic to pick the best course that suits your routine, abilities and interests. There are all kinds of websites out there that claim to offer the best services and teach you Spanish in a few months or even in just a month but sometimes those claims are proved to be baseless and once you enroll in the course, at some point, you might feel like you are not learning anything and only wasting your time which could cause you to be disappointed and give up on your desire to learn Spanish. But don’t lose hope as there are many courses out there that are worth your time and interest.


Here are our picks for the best sources available online to help you learn Spanish for free:

  • Lingus TV – Lingus TV offers free video lessons for for learning Spanish. They have beginners, intermediates and also advanced level courses.
  • Hello World Spanish – Hello world Spanish offers exciting courses with over hundreds of free games and activities which makes learning Spanish a lot more easier and fun.
  • Vocabulix – Vocabulix offers free courses to learn English, German as well as Spanish. The main focus of their courses is to help the learners with verb conjugations and building vocabulary with the help of self-testing.
  • Duolingo – Duolingo is probably one of the most popular way of learning Spanish and other languages for free. Millions of people use Duolingo everyday due to their easy to learn courses.
  • Bussu – Bussu is a global language learning community that focuses on reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.
  • LingoHut – LingoHut offers free courses not just for Spanish but also for German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Russian, French and even Chinese. They have a lot of lessons that focus mainly on the pronunciation which makes LingoHut a very useful source of learning another language.
  • Panfu – Panfu is an online language learning course for children that teaches Spanish with the help of games.

Apart from these choices, there are a lot of courses that are offered by BBC and you just have to pick the one that suits you well.

home remedies for athlete’s foot

Home Remedies for Athlete’s Foot; Get Rid of Fungus

Home Remedies for Athlete’s Foot:

This article is all about a fungal infection caused by the soggy environment. We will discuss how to diagnose this infection and what home remedies will work to get it cured.

Tinea Pedis or the Athlete’s foot is a skin infection caused by a fungus called Trichophyton. This fungus is usually found on the clothes or the wet and moist environment. Don’t let the name of infection fool you. Athletes are not always the victims of the disease any women, man or a kid may get this infection due to wearing tight and closed shoes for day long. This infection becomes worst when there is wet and moist weather around you. We are going to discuss the home remedies for athlete’s foot to get rid of this fungus infection.

What is athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot is a common skin inflammation that hits the area of toe’s and feet. Any virus does not cause the tinea pedis or athlete’s foot a fungus spreads it. It is spread from one person to another or by walking on a tarnished surface. It creates itching, pain, or burning the skin of the feet. If it is not cured properly, then it may spread on hands too, or the blisters may appear on your skin increasing the problem.

home remedies  athlete’s foot

Almost up to seventy percent of people develop the symptoms of athlete’s foot. It is usually developed in the area of fingers and may cause stinging and flaking of the skin. If a person sees any of the hallmarks he must take it seriously and try to get rid of it. There are home remedies that help to cure it soon.

Remedies for tinea pedis:

Following are some home remedies for athlete’s foot:

  • The first thing that might always help you is to keep your feet clean especially between your toes.
  • Wash your feet with soap and water then dry your feet with a clean towel. Do it twice a day.
  • To widen the web space use lamb’s wool.
  • Use white clean fiber socks as they are the best absorbents of moisturizers.
  • Spray the antifungal powder to wipe out the fungus spores.
  • Spray the disinfectants (Lysol) on a clean cloth to clean your shoes from inside after taking them off.
  • The places like gyms, health clubs or swimming pools, etc. are ideal for fungus so do not walk barefoot instead use slippers.
  • Baking soda can be used for a remedy to treat the athlete’s foot as well make a paste by adding adequate water in baking soda and then rub this paste on your feet.
  • Tea contains the tannic acid that prevents the fungus from causing infection. Take five tea bags and boil them in water for 5 minutes then after water is cool put your feet in that water for half hour. Don’t use herbal tea.
  • Take a bowl of one quarter warm water and add two cups of Povidone-iodine then soak your each foot into that for twenty minutes. Then dry your feet.

Visit this link to get more information:

Qatar cars market trends

The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) is witnessing strong economic growth at high pace which is stirring up sales activity in many sectors like properties and cars.

Vehicles sales in GCC leapt by 20% in 2012 recording around 1.5 million cars and experts are predicting even more growth in the coming years.

Qatar, as a part of the GCC area, had its share of car sales flourish as products of different categories are witnessing high snatch from customers.

Qatar cars market is defined by several trends that control by far the current market dimensions, prices, in addition to the demand and supply rates.


  • Development

Qatar government is focusing on developing the state’s infrastructure in co-operation with the private sector. Many new projects were launched to enhance the quality of life offered in Qatar for residents and visitors.

Also, in preparation of organizing the World Cup tournament in 2022, many new hotels, residential compounds, road networks, and football stadiums are under construction.

This huge wave of development needs attracting additional provisions of workforce which will have to look for buy new cars.

  • Expats

The divergence of demographics in Qatar and the diversity in social and economic status between residents and citizens stands in favour of the cars market as it makes it richer and stronger.

Earners of high income rates either from Qatar citizens or expat employees look for buying affluent top-end vehicles while the middle-income citizens and residents look for entry-level automobiles.

  • Dealers

Competition is getting fiercer day after another in Qatar between car dealers and agencies. Many dealers nowadays tend to offer additional services and sales offers to grab bigger portion of the market.

  • Finance

The availability of liquidity and the low interest rates encourage more citizens and expats to purchase cars.

Qatar-based banks and finance companies feature affordable auto loans of convenient terms including low underpayment, short repayment schedule, and low interest rates. This offers many customers of different market tiers the chance to own their own vehicle.

  • Availability of government support

Governmental support represented in flexible legal framework, efficient entities, pro-market and positive decisions and strategic planning bolster the current activity in Qatar vehicles market.

Government’s vitality is evident in indirect ways such as establishing new world-class network of roads, empowering investors to establish car parts factories, lifting customs on raw materials and spare parts, and many others.

The divergence in customers’ spectrum in Qatar urged car dealers to flood the market with different kinds of vehicles to meet customers’ needs.

The flourishing activity of purchase bolstered also the after-sale market. Car garages and spare-parts importers are gearing up to meet the market’s new dimensions.

Used car market is also seeing a unique activity. With economic condition getting better, more foreign workers are flocking to the country boosting the population up to new limits. Expats represent potential customers for many products starting from food and dairy, residential units, clothes, and cars also of all its levels.