Pre Lawsuit Procedures of Personal Injury Attorneys

Filing a lawsuit to get compensations in cases of automobile and truck accidents requires lot of pre lawsuit formalities have to be completed. They can be categorized into on the site procedures and consultation procedures. On the spot procedures include calling for police help, collecting evidences, gathering witnesses and taking their consent to testify, getting medication/hospitalization, informing the insurance company and consult a personal injury attorney like Parker Waichman LLP.

On the Spot Procedures

  • Calling for police assistance and registering the incident and complaint against the accused is very important. This record will be verified by the court of law and the insurance company as the primary document of evidence.
  • Collection of evidences varies on the type of accident and the vehicles involved in the accident. If you happen to be a pedestrian you need to take photographs of the vehicle that injured you in the accident. If your car has collided with another vehicle, you need to avoid moving the vehicles from the accident spot and take photographs. You can also ask someone to take your photographs showing the injuries. If you find any other valuable evidences make it a point to gather them too.
  • You need to talk to the witnesses who can vouch to testify in your favor in the court of law, if required.
  • You need to get the details of the (other) vehicle and the driver involved in the accident. This may include license number, vehicle plate number, insurance details, registration details etc.
  • If you are unable to do all these formalities due to critical injuries, somebody known to you should be able to do it on your behalf.
  • Seek medication/hospitalization immediately. You need to get the medical report from the doctor treating you. If you get any scanning, X-ray or other diagnosis reports, you can attach them as evidence too.
  • You need to inform the insurance company about the incident. In case you are a pedestrian you may apply for medical or personal injury insurance. If you were driving a car, you need to report to the auto insurance agency.

Consultancy Procedures

Find a personal injury attorney and take his consultations. He may personally conduct an investigation at the accident spot. In some cases you may need to contact the attorney immediately after the accident if you feel the evidences you gathered are not sufficient. The attorney can collect more practical evidences from the site of accident which can be produced in the court of law without any hesitation.

Your attorney will know hot handle the proceedings with the insurance company as well as the driver of the (other) vehicle who has caused the accident. You need to follow the advice of your attorney literally when he tells you whom to avoid in communication and conversation, what to say and what not to say and so on. Submit all the evidences and documents in your possession to your attorney. He will be able to produce the right kind of evidence at the right time in the court of law in your favor.